CenSSIS Solutionware: Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox

The Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox (HIAT) is intended for the analysis of hyperspectral and multispectral data. HIAT is a collection of functions that extend the capabilities of the MATLAB numerical computing environment. It has been implemented for the MacIntosh and PC-Windows systems using MATLAB. The purpose of this toolbox is to provide the user with an environment where can utilize different image processing methods for hyperspectral and multispectral data. HIAT provides standard image processing methods such as discriminant analysis, principal component, euclidean distance, and maximum likelyhood. In addition, image processing methods developed by research done at the Laboratory of Applied Remote Sensing and Image Processing at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez is also included.




Download and Install the Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox

The software is available for downloading to members of the hyperspectral image analysis and related research communities for non-commercial purposes only.   It is distributed as a 17.1MB zip file for MATLAB and 135MB for the standard alone version.

Click here to download for the MATLAB version.
Click here to download the standard alone version.

Installation Instructions for MATLAB version

  1. Create a directory in which you would like to place the software (e.g., C:\HIAT  or ~/HIAT).
  2. Move the zipped toolbox to this directory.
  3. Unzip the software.  This will create a directory called HIAT 2.0 which contains the precompiled matlab pcode.  The documentation is in a directory called hyper_help; to view the documentation locally, load the file toolbox_folder/hyper_help/hyper_product_page.html in your browser.

Running Instructions
  1. After following the steps of Installation Instructions  open a session of MATLAB.
  2. In the MATLAB current directory  path change to the path where you install the toolbox.
  3. To run HIAT type in the MATLAB command prompt: start.

Installation/Running Instructions for standard alone version

  1. Unzip the file HIAT_V2_SAV.zip.
  2. Double click in the file MCRInstaller.exe included downloaded (this file include the necessary information from MATLAB to run HIAT)  an install the files in a place where you have access permissions.
  3. Double click in the file HIAT_V2B.exe to run the toolbox (the first time it will extract some information into the folder HIAT_V2B_mcr).
  4. Double click in HIAT_V2B.exe to run the toolbox.


Documentation and software use guidelines can be viewed online, and are also included in the software download.

Example Images


Main GUI with RGB Image Loaded

Sample of Classification Map

Sample of HSI Cube



For more information, support, bug reports, and suggestions, please contact Samuel Rosario-Torres