Poster ID #  Student Presenters Advisor / Other Faculty / Researchers / University Presenters Poster Title
Thrust R1A Posters: Nonlinear and Dual Wave Probes
R1A p1 Darryl Goode / BU Bahaa Saleh / BU
Alexander Sergienko / BU
Malvin Teich / BU
"Quantum Optical Coherence Tomography"
R1A p2 Alvin Stern / BU
Olga Minaeva / BU
Nishant Mohan / BU
Alexander Sergienko / BU
Bahaa Saleh / BU
Malvin Teich / BU
"Superconducting Single-Photon Dectectors (SSPDs) for OCT and QOCT"
R1A p3 Puxiang Lai / BU Todd Murray / BU
Ronald Roy / BU
"Acousto-optic Imaging in the near Infrared: Optimization and Quantitative Characterization of the System"
R1A p4 Howard Simpson / BU Todd Murray / BU "Optoacoustic Signal Generation in Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms Using a Continuous-Wave Laser"
R1A p5 Phillip Land / Alabama A & M Nickolai Kukhtarev / Alabama A & M
Tatiana Kukhtarev / Alabama A & M
J. C. Wang / Alabama A & M
Todd Murray / BU
"Pyroelectric and Ferroelectric Semiconductors: Dynamic Holographic Grating Recording and X-Ray and Neutron Generation"
R1A p6 Phillip Land / Alabama A & M Nickolai Kukhtarev / Alabama A & M
Tatiana Kukhtarev / Alabama A & M
"Crystal Accelerator for Generation of Electrons, X-rays and Neutrons"
R1A p7 Mehmet Dogan / BU
Julia Dupuis / BU
Anna Swan / BU
Selim Unlu / BU
Bennett Goldberg / BU
"Probing DNA on Surfaces Using Optical Interference Techniques"
R1A p8 Carlos Enrique Rivas Aroni / BU Paul Barbone / BU "An Optimization Approach to Elastic Inverse Problems"
R1A p9 Jingle Liu / RPI X._C. Zhang / RPI                                       "Femto Laser Pulse Propagation Property in Air"
Thrust R1B Posters: Effective Forward Models
R1B p1   He (Sophia) Zhan / NU
Ann Morgenthaler / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
"The Semi-Analytic Mode Matching (SAMM) Algorithm for Efficient Computation of Nearfield Scattering in Lossy Ground from Borehole Sources"
R1B p2 Maryam Jalalinia / NU Carey Rappaport / NU "Validating Four-Zeros 2D FDTD Model"
R1B p3 Qiuzhao Dong / NU Carey Rappaport / NU "Matlab-based Finite Difference Frequency-Domain Method for Microwave Breast Imaging"
R1B p4 Heidy Sierra / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU
Dana Brooks / NU
"A New Approximate Model for Microscopy Imaging"
R1B p5 Ersel Karbeyaz / NU Carey Rappaport / NU
Charles Dimarzio / NU
"A Novel Modeling and Inversion Method to Image Weakly Scattering Sub-Cellular Structure"
R1B p6 Blair Simon / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU "Using Diffuse Optical Tomography with Acoustic Photonic Imaging"
R1B p7 Stephen Guerrera / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU "Improving the Data Acquisition of the Dual-Wedge Confocal Microscope"
R1B p8 Sean Sullivan / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU "Photo-Thermal Coherent Confocal Microscope"
Thrust R2A Posters: Multi-View Tomographic Methods
R2A p1 Srinivas Laxminarayan / NU Dana Brooks / NU
Gilead Tadmor / NU
Eric Miller / Tufts University
David Boas / MGH-Harvard
"Controlling Dimensionality in a Systems Approach to Dynamic Modeling"
R2A p2 Eleonora Vidolova / NU Dana Brooks / NU
Eric Miller / Tufts University
Stefan Carp / MGH
David Boas / MGH
"Hemodynamically Constrained Dynamic Diffuse Optical Tomography Under Mammographic Compression"
R2A p3 Fred Gruber / NU Edwin Marengo / NU "New Aspects in Electromagnetic Information Theory"
R2A p4 Zhuangli Liang / BU W. Clem Karl / BU "Image Enhancement in Detection of Coronary Stenosis by MDCT"
R2A p5   Gregory Boverman / RPI
David Isaacson / RPI
Jonathan Newell / RPI
"Modeling and Electrode Contact Compensation for EIT in a Mammography Geometry"
R2A p6 Chandana Tamma / RPI
Ning Liu / RPI
Gary Saulnier / RPI
Jonathan Newell / RPI
David Isaacson / RPI
"ACT4: A High-Precision, Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Tomograph"
R2A p7   Tzu-Jen Kao / RPI                                         
Greg Boverman / RPI                                        
G. Saulnier / RPI                                        
D. Isaacson / RPI
J.C. Newell / RPI
R.H. Moore / MGH
D.B. Kopans / MGH
"Regional Admittivity of Spectra with Tomosynthesis Image for Breast Cancer Detection"
R2A p8 Rujuta M Kulkarni / RPI Gary Saulnier / RPI "A Layered Model for Breasts in Electrical Impedance Tomography"
R2A p9 Burak Alacam / RPI Birsen Yazici / RPI "Reconstruction of Spatially Resolved Pharmacokinetic Rate Images of Optical Fluorophores from NIR Measurements"
R2A p10 Murat Guven / RPI Birsen Yazici / RPI "Flourescence Optical Tomography with a Priori Information"
Thrust R2B Posters: Localized Probing and Mosaicing Methods
R2B p1 Xiaosong Yuan / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "MDL Principle Applied to Dendrites and Spines Extraction in 3D Confocal Images"
R2B p2 Hussein Sharafeddin / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "Automated Dendritic Spine Segmentation from 3D Confocal Images"
R2B p3 Amit Mukherjee / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "Interest-points for Hyperspectral Images"
R2B p4 Nicolas Roussel / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "A Functional Model for C. Elegans Locomotory Behavior Analysis and its Application to Tracking"
R2B p5 Nicolas Roussel / RPI Alex Tyrrell / MGH
Badrinath Roysam / RPI
"Model Based Approach for Improved 3-D Segmentation of Aggregated-Nuclei in Confocal Image Stacks"
R2B p6 Vanessa Ortiz / RPI
Gehua Yang / RPI
Badrinath Roysam / RPI
Charles Stewart / RPI
Delia Cabrera / U. of Miami
"Suppression of the eyelash artifact in ultra wide field retinal images"
Thrust R2C Posters: Multi Spectral Discrimination Methods
R2C p1 Tianchen Shi / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU "Multi-Spectral Reflectance Confocal Microscopy on Skin"
R2C p2   Melissa Romeo / NU
Max Diem / NU
"Vibrational Multispectral Imaging of Cells and Tissue: Monitoring Disease and Cellular Activity"
R2C p3 Luis Arcesio Quintero / UPRM Shawn Hunt / UPRM
Max Diem / NU
"Denoising of Raman Spectroscopy Signals"
R2C p4 Julio Martin Duarte-Carvajalino / UPRM Miguel Velez-Reyes / UPRM
Guillermo Sapiro / Univ. of Minnesota
"Fast Multi-Scale Regularization and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Imagery via Anisotropic Diffusion and Algebraic Multigrid Solvers"
R2C p5 Enid Marie Alvira-Concepcion / UPRM Miguel Velez-Reyes / UPRM
Samuel Rosario-Torres / UPRM
"A Study on the Effect of Spectral Signature Enhancement in Hyperspectral Image Unmixing"
R2C p6 Sol Cruz Rivera / UPRM Vidya Manian / UPRM
Charles DiMarzio / NU
"Component Extraction from CRM Skin Images"
Thrust R2D Posters: Image Understanding and Sensor Fusion Methods
R2D p1 Ying Chen / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI
Ellen Robey / Univ. of CA, Berkeley
"4-D Image Analysis of Cell Migration and Cell-Cell Interaction"
R2D p2 Arunachalam Narayanswamy / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "Surface Reconstruction of Blood Vessels From 3D Fluorescence Microscopy Images"
R2D p3 Saritha Dwarakapuram / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI
Kasturi Mitra / NIH
"Quantitative Analysis of Mitochondrial Tubulation Using 3D Imaging"
R2D p4 Yousef Al-Kofahi / RPI Badrinath Roysan / RPI "Computer-Aided Classification of Cells in Complex Brain Tissue fro 5-Channel 3-D Confocal Datasets"
R2D p5 Avi Kelman / RPI
Gehua Yang / RPI
Charles Stewart / RPI "New Applications and Enhancements in the Theory of the GDB - ICP Registration Algorithm"
R2D p6 Renzhi Lu / RPI Richard Radke / RPI
Andrew Jackson / MSKCC
"Predicting the Parameters of a Prostate IMRT Objective Function Based on Dose Statistics under Fixed Parameter Settings"
R2D p7 Siqi Chen / RPI Richard Radke / RPI                              D. Michael Lovelock / MSKCC                                  Ping Wang / MSKCC "Evaluation of an Automatic Algorithm Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Segmentation of the Bladder and Prostate in CT Scans"
R2D p8 Karin Griffis / BU Maja Bystrom / BU "Automatic Object-Level Change Interpretation for Multispectral Remote Sensing Imagery"
R2D p9 Benjamin Martin / BU David Castanon / BU "Accelerating IMRTOptimizationby Voxel Sampling"
Thrust R3A Posters: Parallel Hardware Implementation for Fast Subsurface Detection
R3A p1 Xiaojun Wang / NU     Miriam Leeser / NU "Floating-Point Divide and Square Root for Efficient FPGA Implementation of Image and Signal Processing Algorithms"
R3A p2 Sherman Braganza / NU Miriam Leeser / NU "Phase Unwrapping Using Reconfigurable Hardware"
R3A p3 Juemin Zhang / NU Waleed Meleis / NU
David Kaeli / NU
"Design of Workflow Scheduler"
R3A p4 Neha Patil / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI "Fast and Parallel Implementation of Image Processing Algorithm Using CUDA Technology on GPU Hardware"
R3A p5 Carolina Gerardino / UPRM      Wilson Rivera Gallego / UPRM
James Goodman / UPRM
"Utilizing High-Performance Computing to Investigate Performance and Sensitivity of an Inversion Model for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Shallow Coral Ecosystems"
Thrust R3B Posters: Solutionware Tools
R3B p1 Diego Rivera / NU  David Kaeli / NU "Characterizing the Relationship Between ILU-Type Preconditioners and the Storage Hierarchy"
R3B p2 Diego Rivera / NU
Micha Moffie / NU
Dana Schaa / NU
David Kaeli / NU "Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography Parallelization Using Graphics Processors"
R3B p3 Burak Erem / NU David Kaeli / NU "Development of Visualization Tools for 4D CT Datasets"
R3B p4 Malak Alshawabkeh / NU David Kaeli / NU "Online Image Tagging System"
R3B p5 Dana Schaa / NU David Kaeli / NU "Semi-Automated Parallelization Using Star-P"
R3B p6   Samuel Rosario-Torres / UPRM
Miguel Velez-Reyes / UPRM
"New Developments and Application of the MatLAB Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox"
R3B p7   Furong Yang / NU
David Kaeli / NU
"The CenSSIS Web-Accessible Image Database System"
Validating TestBED and Research Posters on Real World Problems for I-PLUS Development
Bio p1 Matthew Bouchard / NU
William Warger / NU
Charles DiMarzio / NU
Gary Laevsky / NU
"Adding Polarmetric Multiphoton Imaging to the W. M. Keck 3-Dimensional Fusion Microscope"
Bio p2 William Warger II / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU "Confocal Reflectance Microscope With a Dual-Wedge Scanner"
Bio p3 Judith Newmark / NU
Robert Crooker / NU
Carol Warner / NU "Imaging the Structure of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells"
Bio p4 Robert Crooker / NU
Judith  Newmark / NU
Carol Warner / NU "Multicolor Imaging of Mouse Oocytes"
Bio p5 Carmit Goldstein / NU Carol Warner / NU "Imaging of Qa-2 Protein, the Ped Gene Product, and its Localization to Lipid Rafts on the Surface of Preimplantation Mouse Embryos"
Bio p6 Gary Peterson / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU
Milind Rajadhyaksha / MSKCC
"Articulating Confocal Endoscope for Imaging Cancers in vivo"
Med p1 Andrew Draudt / BU Robin Cleveland / BU  "Imaging HIFU Lesions Using Ultrasound"
Sea p1   James Goodman / UPRM "SeaBED: A Laboratory and Field Test Environment for the Validation of Coastal Hyperspectral Image Analysis Algorithms"
Sea p2 Carmen Zayas-Santiago / UPRM Fernando Gilbes / UPRM
Roy Armstrong / UPRM
"Spectral Libraries of Submerged Biotopes for Benthic Mapping in Southwestern Puerto Rico"
Sea p3 Ameya Galinde / NU
Ninos Donabed / NU
Sunwoong Lee / MIT
Purnima Ratilal / NU
Nicholas Makris / MIT
"Calibrated Bistatic Rayleigh-Born Bottom Reverberation Model for Fluctuating Range-Dependent Continental Shelf Environments"
Sea p4 Mark Andrews / NU
Tianrun Chen / MIT
Sunwoong Lee / MIT 
Purnima Ratilal / NU
Nicholas Makris / MIT
"Statistics of Broadband Transmissions Through a Range-Dependent Fluctuating Ocean Waveguide"
SafeBED 1 Jian Chen / RPI X.-C. Zhang / RPI 
Yunqing Chen / RPI
"Terahertz Applications for Detection of Explosives"
SafeBED 2 Amanda Angell / NU Carey Rappaport / NU "Computational Modeling and Analysis of Radar Scattering by Metallic Body-Worn Explosive Devices Covered with Wrinkled Clothing"
SafeBED 3 Richard Sullivan / NU
Morgan Galaznik / NU]
Carey Rappaport / NU
Jose Martinez / NU
"Body-Worn Improvised Explosive Device Detection Using Millimeter-Wave Radar"
Soil p1 Kimberly Belli / NU   Sara Wadia-Fascetti / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
" Forward Time Domain Ground Penentrating Radar Modeling of Bridge Decks for Detecting Deterioration"
Soil p2 Kimberly Belli / NU
Bryan Lavigne / NU
Laura Carey / NU
Sara Wadia-Fascetti / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
"Characterization of GPR Antenna Radiation Pattern for Implementation into FDTD Simulation"
Soil p3   Arvin Farid / NU
Jose Martinez / NU
Akram Alshawabkeh / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
"Tunnel Detection Using Cross-Well Radar"
Soil p4 Eilish Corey / NU
Ehsan Kianirad / NU
Akram Alshawabkeh / NU
A. M. Farid / NU
"the Progress of RapSoch (Rapid Soil Characterization System)"
Soil p5 Maria Fernanda Serrano Guzman / UPRM Ingrid Padilla / UPRM
Rafael Rodriguez / UPRM
Carey Rappaport / NU
"Bimodal Detection of Underground Contamination in Two Dimensional Systems"
Education and Outreach Programs    
Educ p1   Jay Laird / Metaversal Studios
Ann McDonald / NU
"ROVERS: Teaching Principles of Subsurface Imaging though Games"
Educ p2 Seth Baum / NU Claire Duggan / NU "Reflections on Education Outreach"
Educ p3   Claire Duggan / NU "K-12 Outreach"
Educ p4 Hadi Esiely Barrera / UPRM Rafael Rodriguez Solis / UPRM
Sandra Cruz-Pol / UPRM
Jose Colom-Ustariz / UPRM
"CenSSIS Educational Component at UPRM"