Center for Subsurface Sensing
and Imaging Systems

360 Huntington Avenue
Stearns Center, Suite 302
Boston, MA 02115
p. 617.373.5110
f. 617.373.8627

Event Contact:
Brian Loughlin

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CenSSIS Administrative Headquarters:

Northeastern University
Stearns Center, Suite 302
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-5000

Phone: 617.373.5110
Fax: 617.373.8627

Event Contact :
Brian Loughlin, bloughli@censsis.neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.5110

Department Director, ECE, Boston University:
Wayne M. Rennie, wayner@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.7177

Center Manager:
John Beaty, jbeaty@censsis.neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.5111

Senior Consultant for Corporate and Govt. Partnerships, CenSSIS:
Philip Cheney, pcheney@censsis.neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.4617

Partnership and Education Services Coordinator, CenSSIS:
Kristin Hicks, khicks@coe.neu.edu
Phone: 617.373.5384

CenSSIS is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center.
This site was supported in part by the Engineering Research Centers Program of the
National Science Foundation (Award # EEC-9986821)