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Event Contact:
Brian Loughlin

Year 6 Site Visit Presentations

Tuesday, April 4th
Boston University Photonics Center, 9 St. Mary's Street, Boston, MA

CenSSIS Overview

- Michael B. Silevitch, CenSSIS Director


Overview of the Research Program & Posters

- R1-A, presented by Bahaa Saleh
- R1-B, presented by Carey Rappaport
- R2-A & R2-D, presented by David Castañón
- R2-B, presented by Badrianth Roysam
- R2-C, presented by Miguel Vélez-Reyes
- R3, presented by David Kaeli


Breast Cancer Imaging - CenSSIS Broad Impact
- David Castañón, Moderator

- Daniel Kopans Presentation

- Eric Miller Presentation

- Jonathan Newell Presentation

- Paul Barbone Presentation


Education & Diversity Program

    - Stephen McKnight, Education Leader
    - Claire Duggan, K-12 Coordinator
    - Paula Leventman, Diversity Coordinator


Infrastructure, Industrial Collaboration and Plan for Sustainability

- Infrastructure: John Beaty, Center Manager
- Industrial Colaboration: Lianne Ing, BTI



Wednesday, April 5th
Northeastern University, Egan Research Center, 120 Forsyth St., Boston, MA

- Unifying Framework  

- SSI Textbook

- Bahaa Saleh


Advanced Sensing Concepts

- Bahaa Saleh, Moderator
- Ron Roy
- Anna Swan


Wave-Based Modeling Highlighting Underground Sensing and Imaging

- Carey Rappaport, Moderator
- Miriam Leeser
- Sara Wadia-Fascetti



Multi-View Tomography
- David Castañón, Moderator

- Eric Miller Presentation

- David Isaacson Presentation

- W. Clem Karl Presentation


Localized Probing, Mosaicking and Image Understanding

- Badrianth Roysam Presentation

- Hanumant Singh Presentation

- Richard Radke Presentation


Data and Information Management

- David Kaeli, Moderator
- Charles Stewart
- Nayda Santiago
- George Chen


Coral Reef Monitoring - CenSSIS Broad Impact

- Miguel Vélez-Reyes Presentation

- Roy Armstrong Presentation

- Luis Jiménez Presentation, soon to be uploaded

- Hanumant Singh Presentation

- James Goodman Presentation


CenSSIS is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center.
This site was supported in part by the Engineering Research Centers Program of the
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