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Discovery-based learning
The High-Tech Tools and Toys Laboratory is a discovery-based educational laboratory. Gordon-CenSSIS promotes a philosophy of putting modern technology into the hands of students as early as possible in their education, and using this technology to solve real, open-ended problems in a series of Tools and Toys Modules. The laboratory creates an exciting problem-solving environment where generic engineering skills (e.g. data analysis, writing and project planning) are learned. State-of-the-art components such as digital cameras, global positioning systems, and ultrasound imaging equipment nourish student enthusiasm for the profession, familiarizes students with industry documentation and methods, and motivates them to pursue the engineering details. Undergraduate research associates use the laboratory facilities for advanced Gordon-CenSSIS team-based projects.


- Speed of Sound & Air
- 01 Lab
- 02 Lab
- 02 Lab Extensions
- 03 Lab
- 04 Lab
- 05 Lab
- Visual C++ Express Edition
- 06 Lab
- Visual C++
- 07 Lab
- NIDAQ AI Functions
- NIDAQ DIO Functions
- 08 Lab
- 09 Lab


- 01 Practice Quiz
- 02 Practice Quiz
- Classroom Quiz 01
- Classroom Quiz 02