Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (Gordon-CenSSIS)
Research and Industrial Collaboration Conference
October 19, 2010
Poster Presentations by Students and Researchers

- Denotes Poster Contest Winner

Poster ID  Student Presenters Advisor / Other Faculty / Researchers / University Presenters Poster Title
Homeland Security and Defense Track
HSD p1 Courtney Greene / Missouri S&T John Myers / Missouri S&T Flexural and Shear Reinforcement of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Fiber Reinforced Polyurea Coatings
HSD p2 Natalia Carey/ Missouri S&T John Myers / Missouri S&T Discrete Fiber Reinforced Polyurea Systems for Infrastructure Repair and Blast Mitigation
HSD p3 Colin Stagner/ Missouri S&T
Christopher Osterwise/ Missouri S&T
Daryl Beetner/ Missouri S&T Real-Time Detection of Radio Receivers Using Stimulated Emissions
HSD p4 Oguz Semerci / Tufts Eric Miller/ Tufts An Image Based Dual Energy Computerized Tomography Method for Detection of Explosive Objects
HSD p5 Christopher Mutzel/ Tufts
Oguz Semerci/ Tufts
Eric Miller/ Tufts A Simulation Tool for Parallel Beam Computed Tomography Based on MCNP
HSD p6 Kirill Trapeznikov/ BU David Castanon/ BU Venkatesh Saligrama/ BU Active Boosted Learning
HSD p7 Zachary Sun/ BU Clem Karl/ BU Non-Rotational Tomography for Luggage Scanning using Krylov Methods
HSD p8 Limor Eger / BU

Synho Do / MGH
Prakash Ishwar / BU
Homer Pien / MGH
Clem Karl / BU

A Learning-based Method to Explosives Detection from Multi-energy X-ray Computed Tomography Measurements
HSD p9 Ke Chen / BU David Castañon / BU Robust Multifrequency Inversion in Terahertz Tomography
HSD p10 Kamilah Mitchell/ Spelman Peter Chen/ Spelman Use of Coherent Spectroscopy to Remotely Detect Nitrogen -based Explosives
HSD p11 Alexandru Vasile/ NU Octavia Camps/ NU 3D Reconstruction from Video Imagery for Persistent Surveillance of Urban Scenes
HSD p12 Caglayan Dicle/ NU Octavia Camps/ NU Robust Pedestrian Tracking for Assistive Technologies 
HSD p13 Binlong Li/ NU Octavia Camps/ NU Canonical Correlation Analysis of Dynamics for Human Action Categorization
HSD p14 Teresa Mao / NU Octavia Camps/ NU Human Activity Recognition using Hankel Matrices
HSD p15 Galia Ghazi / NU Jose Martinez-Lorenzo / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
Millimeter Wave Radar System for Standoff Detection Applications: Motion Compensation and 3D Imaging Capabilities
HSD p16   Ann Morgenthaler / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
Extending 2D FDFD Modeling to 2 ½ Dimensions for Realistic Simulation of Millimeter Wave Radar Whole-Body Imaging
HSD p17 Fernando Quivira / NU Jose Martinez-Lorenzo / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
Impact of Soil Roughness in Underground Focusing SAR Images
HSD p18 Taryn Connor / NU
Richard Obermeier / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU FDFD Modeling of Explosive Devices in Discreet Areas of the Body
HSD p19 Yaser Mirzaei / NU Mehrdad Sasani / NU Experimental and Analytical Studies on Post-Punching Behavior of RC Flat Slabs: Local Failure and Progressive Collapse Analysis of Structures
HSD p20 Blas Trigueros Espinosa/ UPRM Miguel Velez-Reyes/ UPRM Nayda G. Santiago/UPRM GPU-based Implementation of Target Detection Algorithms for Standoff Detection of Explosive Materials using Hyperspectral Imaging and NVIDIA® GPUs
HSD p21 Roxannie Gonzalez/ UPRM Samuel Hernandez-Rivera / UPRM
Hilsamar Felix / UPRM
Bacillus Thuringensis Endospore Detection and Characterization by Normal Raman, SERS as bioaerosol particles.
HSD p22 Gabriel Perez-Acosta / UPRM
Leonardo Pacheco-Londono / UPRM
Samuel Hernandez-Rivera / UPRM Synthesis of TiO2 –Au, TiO2 –Ag and TiO2 –Pt by Reverse Phase
HSD p23 Madeline Wrable / NU
Oliva Primera / UPRM
Samuel Hernandez-Rivera / UPRM
Jairo Castiloo / Fayetteville State University
Interpretation of the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Spectrum of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene Using Simple Chemistry Models
HSD p24 Joshua Burrows / Morehouse College Willie Rockward / Morehouse College TBD
HSD p25 TBD Willie Rockward / Morehouse College TBD
HSD p26 I-Chen Ho / RPI Xi-Cheng Zhang / RPI
Jianming Dai / RPI
THz Air-Biased-Coherent-Detection Spectrometer for Material Sensing
HSD p27 Jingle Liu / RPI Xi-Cheng Zhang / RPI 
Jianming Dai / RPI
Interrogation of Terahertz Wave Using Laser-Induced Photolumescence and Photoacoustics for Standoff Sensing Application
HSD p28 Ziyan Wu/ RPI Richard J. Radke/ RPI Full-Scale Airport Security Checkpoint Simulation
HSD p29 Zhengmin Li/ RPI Birsen Yazici/ RPI X-ray CT-based Explosive Detection for Checked Luggage
HSD p30 Cagri Yanik / RPI Birsen Yazici/ RPI Doppler Synthetic Hitchhiker Imaging and Passive Imaging of Moving Targets
HSD p31 Michael Lawson / Penn State Gary Settles / Penn State The Aerodynamics of Canine Olfaction
HSD p32 Jing-Yin Chen / WSU Choong-Shik Yoo / WSU Physical and Chemical Changes of Hydrogen Peroxide Under High Pressure
Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Assessment Track
Civil p1 Duong Tran / NU
Hari Chauhan / NU
Zheng Gong / NU
Purnima Ratilal / NU Instantaneous passive whale localization using an adaptive matched filter and the array invariant method
Civil p2 Kassi Stein / NU Carey Rappaport / NU Microwave Sensing of Maple Trees for Pest Detection
Civil p3 Alyson Stuer / NU
Irina Fedorova / NU
Vitaliy Saykin / NU
Sara Wadia-Fascetti / NU MAP – System Output and User Interface Design
Civil p4 Yifeng Lu / NU
Yinghong Cao / NU
Ming Wang / NU
J. Gregory McDaniel / BU
Analysis of Debonding Effects on Vibration Propagation in Composite Pavement Structures
Civil p5 Jason Durant / NU
Yinghong Cao / NU
Ming Wang / NU
J. Gregory McDaniel / BU
Validation Testing of the TEASe Prototype System
Civil p6 Jiaxing Zhang / NU
Yi Zhang / NU
Ming Wang / NU
Ralf Birken / NU
Civil p7   Abhiit Ganguli / NU
Sara Wadia-Fascetti/ NU
Carey Rappaport/ NU
Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Defects in a Concrete Bridge Deck
Civil p8 Margery Hines / NU Carey Rappaport / NU Modeling the Advantages of Direct Ground Contact of GPR Antennas for the Detection and Localization of Landmines Buried in Rough Soil
Civil p9 Christopher Wright / NU Carey Rappaport / NU
Sara Wadia-Fascetti / NU
Realistic FDTD Simulations for Ground Penetrating Radar Applications
Civil p10 Ali Ciblak / NU Akram Alshawabkeh / NU Green Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater in Karst Aquifers by Solar Energy Conversion
Civil p11 Naji Kasem / NU Akram Alshawabkeh / NU PROTECT: Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats
Civil p12 Katherine Steele-Valentín / UPRM Ingrid Padilla / UPRM
Akram Alshawabkeh / NU
Exposure Pathways of Chlorinated Solvents in Northern Puerto Rico
Civil p13 Angel  Anaya / UPRM Ingrid Padilla / UPRM
Akram Alshawabkeh / NU
Environmental Physical Models: From Explosive Detection  to Risk of Contaminant Exposure
Civil p14 Nelson R. Gómez-Torres / UPRM Didier M. Valdés-Díaz / UPRM The Challenges of Utilizing Mobile Phones for Dynamic Origin - Destination Matrices.
Civil p15 Ariel Irizarry / UPRM Dionisio Bernal / UPRM Nondestructive Bridge Substructure Parameters Estimation
Civil p16 Alexis París / UPRM Héctor Mendez/ UPRM
Ingrid Padilla/ UPRM
Simulated Electro-Magnetic Propagation in Soil with GEANT4
Civil p17 Angel J. Alicea/ UPR Ricardo Lopez/ UPRM Development of Analytical Formulation for the Intelligent Diagnostic of Navigation Steel Structures Subjected to Hydraulic Torsional Loading
Civil p18 Fanny Nina-Paravecino/ UPRM Vidya Manian/ UPRM Spherical Harmonics as a Shape Descriptor for Identifying Structures of Interest in Multispectral/hyperspectral Images
Civil p19 Maria C Torres-Madronero/ UPRM Miguel Velez-Reyes/ UPRM Temporal Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery for Biodiversity Studies
Civil p20 Nicolas Rey-Villamizar / UPRM Migue Velez-Reyes / UPRM Improving Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data
Civil p21 Matthew Sellitto / NU
Dana Schaa / NU
David Kaeli / NU
James Goodman / UPRM
Accelerating an Imaging Spectroscopy Algorithm for Submerged Marine Environments Using Graphics Processing Units
Civil p22   Samuel Rosario- Torres / UPRM Optimization of the Hyperspectral Image Analysis Toolbox using GPUs and CPUs
Civil p23 Li Jia / RPI Birsen Yazici/ RPI Development of a Multiscale Monitoring and Health Assessment Framework for Effective Management of Levees and Flood-Control Infrastructure Systems
Biomedical and Biological Track
Bio p1 Sonal Ambwani / BU W. Clem Karl / BU
Homer Pien / MGH
Joint Estimation of Image and Cardiac and Respiratory Motion in Cardiac PET/CT
Bio p2 Andrew Draudt / BU Robin Cleveland/ BU Real- Time Monitoring of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lesion Formation with Combined Acoustic Force Elastography and Acousto- Optic Imaging
Bio p3 Esra Cansizoglu / NU Deniz Erdogmus / NU Towards Respiration Management in Radiation Treatment of Lung Tumors: Transferring Regions of Interest from Planning CT to Kilovoltage X‐ray Images
Bio p4 Hooman Nezamfar / NU Deniz Erdogmus / NU Brain Computer Interface Using SSVEP for Robot Control
Bio p5 Erhan Bas / NU Deniz Erdogmus / NU Principal Curve Tracing
Bio p6 Yogesh Patel / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU
Milind Rajadhyaksha / MSKCC
Optimal Pupil Design for Multiply Configuration Confocal Scanning Microscopes
Bio p7 Yair Mega / NU Charles DiMarzio / NU
Joe Kerimo / NU
Confocal Reflectance and Three-Photon Microscopy performed on Dual-Wedge Scanning System
Bio p8 Tristan B. Swedish/ NU
F. N. Golabchi/ NU
Charles A. DiMarzio / NU    Dana H. Brooks/ NU Computational Model of Light Propagation in Lung Tissue
Bio p9 Maytee Zambrano / NU Edwin Marengo / NU Coherent Single-Detector Imaging System
Bio p10 Kathleen Lenau / NU Max Diem/ NU Advancements in Spectral Cytopathology of the Oral Mucosa
Bio p11 Srinivas Laxminarayan / NU Dana Brooks / NU
Gilead Tadmor / NU
A Neurovascular Coupling Model Relating Habituation of Neural Response to Hemodynamic Time Course with Variation of Medial Nerve Stimulus Frequency
Bio p12 Devon Yablonski / NU Miriam Leeser / NU GPU Acceleration in a Modern Problem Solving Environment: SCIRun's Linear System Solvers
Bio p13 Perhaad Mistry / NU David Kaeli / NU Architecture Aware Data Structures and Transformations for Physics Simulations
Bio p14 Dana Schaa / NU David Kaeli / NU Advanced Ultrasound Using GPUs
Bio p15 Nicole Dawson / Spelman College Alfred Watkins / Spelman College
Dana Schaa / NU
Byunghyun Jang / NU
David Kaeli / NU
Load Balancing: Viewing Breast Cancer Tissue X-Rays using Graphic Processing Units
Bio p16 Rashidah Slater / Spelman College David Kaeli / NU
Alfred Watkins / Spelman College
James Hale / Spelman College
Semi Automatic Parallelization of Multiple GPUs
Bio p17 Arunachalam Narayanaswamy / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI 5-D Imaging and Parallel Automated Analysis of Key Cellular Events
Bio p18 Kedar Grama / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI Automated Analysis of Histopathology Samples at The Cellular Scale
Bio p19 Raghav K Padmanabhan / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI Quantification of Protein Subcellular Localization
Bio p20 Yu Wang / RPI Badrinath Roysam / RPI A Generally Applicable 3D Neuron Tracing System
Education and Outreach Programs
Edu p1 Gordon Fellow Candidates Simon Pitts / NU
Michael Silevitch / NU
Steve McKnight / NU
John Beaty / NU
Rick Moore / NU
Steve Klosterman / NU
Steve McGonagle / NU
Carey Rappaport / NU
Jennifer Kaddy / NU 
Kristin Hicks / NU
Gordon Engineering Leadership Program at Northeastern University
Edu p2   Michael Silevitch / NU
Steve McKnight / NU
Gordon-CenSSIS and ALERT Undergraduate Programs
Edu p3   Claire Duggan / NU
Richard Harris / NU
Rachelle Reisberg / NU
The Center for STEM Education K-12 Outreach
Edu p4   Claire Duggan / NU
Michael Silevitch / NU
Research Experiences for Teachers at Northeastern University
Edu p5   Claire Duggan / NU Community College Partners
Edu p6   Mark Castro / Amesbury HS (RET)
Mehrdad Sasani / NU
Collapse Resistance in Reinforced Concrete Beams
Edu p7 James Hawkins / Missouri S&T Jason Baird / Missouri S&T Explosives Recognition and Awarness Training:A Psychological Approach to Pre-Blast Mitigation
Edu p8 John Cogswell / NU
Michael Apicella / NU
Kareem Ghobrial / NU
Sean Kelly / NU
Thomas Peacock / NU
Sinan Muftu / NU Senior Capstone Design Project: The Thin Scale: Phase II